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Originally, tapas consisted of a small portion of pork, mainly pork, and other delicacies for the wine. Very soon, this custom, which has been in existence since the 18th century. It became a kind of motive for competition among the innkeepers of the time. They were eager to delight their customers with the new Tapa, first for free and then for a fee.

With time, however, it has become clear that today we understand “tapa” as one thing, and sometimes there are people who mean something else by it, in fact, it is almost always the way the word is used, and in far fewer cases it is the exact opposite. Therefore, and given that life goes on despite the orthodox and/or purists, we understand the tapa as an act that consists of enjoying and enjoying. Tapas and raciones combine and complement each other, depending on the selection, taste and number of diners.


We think that “Spanish tapas”, “tapas bar” and “tapas restaurant” are attractive. They are not wrong. Tapas is almost always synonymous with sharing, hanging out or getting together with friends, enemies, family or acquaintances without observing, following or even enduring the rules of a tablecloth. Tapas provide unlimited opportunities for creativity and imagination. Their influence on our cuisine and beyond is great. We often see that many of the recipes of the most famous Spanish and international chefs have the same format and proportions as a tapa. Without disregarding culinary techniques or ingredients. No frontiers between a cuisine tradition and another. No limits.




Restaurant in Madrid:  Plaza Pedro Zerolo, 11, 28004 Madrid

📞    91 5220603

Restaurant in Denia:  Carrer de Diana, 6, 03700 Denia

📞    965 774084


Restaurant in Madrid:

Sun-Thu 10:00 to 00:00 | Fri-Sat 10:00 to 00:30

Restaurant in Denia:

Mon-Sun open at 09:00


We accept reservations for the dining room. Terrace reservations are not available. For more information please contact  by phone.

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