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iberico ham: healthy food

Few products of the spanish cuisine are as internationally renowned in the world as Iberian ham. We are not going to insist on its flavour, its texture or its infiltrated fat because they are particularly well known to us and, moreover, it makes us very hungry… 😉 We will deal concisely with the elements that make them one of the healthiest foods in the Mediterranean diet.


Iberian ham is a heart-healthy product. Its fat has a high oleic acid content (50-70%) due to the animal’s natural diet. Oleic acid helps the endothelium to regulate the flow and entry of blood to the organs and tissues of the body through changes in the diameter and vascular tone. Its malfunction can lead to a loss of balance between vasodilators and vasoconstrictors where the latter tend to dominate. This process is at the origin of most cardiovascular diseases leading to major complications.

It also increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol.

VITAMINS B1, B2, B6 and folic acid

Necessary for the good functioning of the brain. Lack of these vitamins can lead to depression, fatigue and loss of muscle mass in older adults. It can also lead to early hair loss and poor tissue renewal in nails and skin. On the other hand, its ease of assimilation by the body during the digestive process makes it more beneficial than other sources of these vitamins.

VITAMIN E AND MINERALS (copper, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus)

Vital for combating signs of tiredness, heaviness, lack of appetite and reduced immune system protection. Highly recommended, therefore, for those suffering from anaemia. Phosphorus is essential for bones and zinc for cell regeneration.


34 grams of protein on average in a 100g serving and a balance of fats (monounsaturated) make it a good substitute for other less healthy red meats.


Its consumption helps to combat stress and anxiety. It is the amino acid precursor of serotonin – the happiness hormone. 

energy (kcal) 254

water (g) 54.8

protein (g) 30,5

total fat 14.7

carbohydrate 0

sodium (mg) 1110

potassium (mg) 153

magnesium (mg) 18

phosphorus (mg) 158

iron (mg) 1,8

zinc (mg) 2,3

vit B1 (mg) 0,75

vit B2 (mg) 0,22

vit B6 (mg) 0,22

Niacin (mg Eq.) 11,8

The recommendation for optimal consumption and its introduction into our diet is not to exceed 100 grams per intake 2 or 3 times a week in general. Consumers with pathologies resulting from hypertension should be careful with their salt intake. These portions are very appropriate and attractive quantities to accompany other foods. It is a very interesting alternative to cold meats which, in general, contain additives that are undesirable for our organism – especially sugar and saturated fats -.

Iberian ham is a food to enjoy. It has a very interesting nutritional value to introduce it into our diet in its right measure – in no case to replace the intake of vegetables or pulses -. A gastronomic jewel.




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